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Lego Worlds includes various types of achievements that the player can acquire. For the most part, these achievements fit into either the categories of Builder Rank Achievements, Legendary Brick Achievements, or Steam/Xbox Live (Generic) Achievements.

Steam/Xbox Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all generic achievements in Lego Worlds and the requirements for obtaining the achievement.

Achievement Name Achievement Criteria
PiratePlayground.jpg Pirate Playground Professional Complete the Pirate Playground world.
Prehistoric Protector.jpg Prehistoric Protector Complete the Prehistoric Peril world.
Candy Custodian.jpg Candy Custodian Complete the Candy Construction Capers world.
CompanionsChampion.jpg Champion of Companions Tame and have two companions following you at the same time.
PiratePlayground.jpg Tremendous Vehicular Terraformer Use the terraforming abilities of all capable vehicles.
PiratePlayground.jpg Insane Stunts! Get 5 seconds of continuous vehicle air time.
ParkourProwess.jpg Proficient Parkour Prowess 15 seconds of consecutive climbing, jumping, or back-flipping.
Grappler.jpg The Great and Grand Grappler Accumulate 10+ seconds of consecutive zip time with the Grapple Gun in one grapple session.
PiratePlayground.jpg Creature Comforts Ride 4 different creatures within 60 seconds.
PiratePlayground.jpg All Biomed Out Find all the Biomes.
PiratePlayground.jpg Ravenous Stud Collector Collect 60,000+ studs in a single streak.
PiratePlayground.jpg Champion of Combat Capers Defeat 7 enemies in a streak.
PiratePlayground.jpg The Ultimate Skydive! Skydive uninterrupted from the highest point possible to the lowest point possible.
PiratePlayground.jpg Into the Abyss Dive continually for 3+ minutes.
PiratePlayground.jpg Flying Paintbrush Splat a Seagull with the paintball gun while it's in mid-flight.
PiratePlayground.jpg Duet Play an instrument next to another player, who's playing a different instrument.
PiratePlayground.jpg Highland Coo! Play Bagpipes to a Brown bull.
PiratePlayground.jpg Trumpet Trunk Trumpeter Play the Trumpet to an Elephant.
PiratePlayground.jpg Pied Piper of Squirreldom Have 5 Squirrels following you around at the same time.
PinkSteed.jpg Pink Steed Chase down and ride a Pig.
PiratePlayground.jpg Fluffy Steed Chase down and ride a Sheep.
PiratePlayground.jpg A Well-Trained Dragon Blow up another player with a ridden Dragon fire ball.
PiratePlayground.jpg Civilization! Find and walk around a town.
DangerousAlone.jpg It's Dangerous To Go Alone Find an item in a chest.
Photogenic.jpg Photogenic Take a picture of a posing character.
HotAndHigh.jpg Hopping Hot and High Bounce on lava 7 times consecutively.
PiratePlayground.jpg Full Scale Musical Play all the musical note bricks within 10 seconds.
DarkDangerous.jpg Dark, Dank, and Dangerous Find a dungeon.
LandShark.jpg Land Shark! Ride a shark on land.
PiratePlayground.jpg Designer's Delight Collect all the brick elements.
TroublemakerTakedown.jpg Troublemaker Takedown Catch a Troublemaker.
BarteringBalloons.jpg Bartering, Banter, and Balloons! Buy something from the Night Trader.
Badger.jpg BADGER! Ride a Badger.
PiratePlayground.jpg Billionare! Collect a billion studs.
  • Some achievements require completion within a certain time limit.

Legendary Brick Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Name Achievement Criteria
Legendary1x1.jpg Legendary 1x1 Brick Find the Legendary 1x1 Brick.
Legendary1x2.jpg Legendary 1x2 Brick Find the Legendary 1x2 Brick
Legendary2x2.jpg Legendary 2x2 Brick Find the Legendary 2x2 Brick
Legendary2x3.jpg Legendary 2x3 Brick Find the Legendary 2x3 Brick
Legendary2x4.jpg Legendary 2x4 Brick Find the Legendary 2x4 Brick
Legendary2x1Slope.jpg Legendary 1x2 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 1x2 Slope Brick
Legendary2x2Slope.jpg Legendary 2x2 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 2x2 Slope Brick
Legendary1x3Slope.jpg Legendary 1x3 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 1x3 Slope Brick
Legendary2x3Slope.jpg Legendary 2x3 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 2x3 Slope Brick
Legendary1x4Slope.jpg Legendary 1x4 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 1x4 Slope Brick
Legendary2x3Slope.jpg Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick
Legendary1x2x3Slope.jpg Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick
Legendary2x2x3Slope.jpg Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick Find the Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick
Legendary2x2Corner.jpg Legendary 2x2 Corner Brick Find the Legendary 2x2 Corner Brick
Base Brick Legendary3x3Corner.jpg Legendary 3x3 Corner Brick Find the Legendary 3x3 Corner Brick

Builder Rank Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Name Achievement Criteria
Lego worlds Rank 1.jpg Rank - Learner Builder! Start your Adventure!
Rank 2.jpg Rank - Discoverer Builder! Collect 3 Gold Bricks
Rank 3.jpg Rank - Explorer Builder! Collect 10 Gold Bricks
Rank 4.jpg Rank - Observer Builder! Collect 15 Gold Bricks
Rank 5.jpg Rank - Finder Builder! Collect 20 Gold Bricks
Rank 6.jpg Rank - Traveller Builder! Collect 25 Gold Bricks
Rank 7.jpg Rank - Navigator Builder! Collect 30 Gold Bricks
Rank 8.jpg Rank - Collector Builder! Collect 40 Gold Bricks
Rank 9.jpg Rank - Adventurer Builder! Collect 50 Gold Bricks
Rank 10.jpg Rank - Advanced Builder! Collect 65 Gold Bricks
Rank 11.jpg Rank - Expert Builder! Collect 80 Gold Bricks
Rank 12.jpg Rank - MASTER BUILDER!!! Collect 100 Gold Bricks