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Biomes are the geographical regions in LEGO Worlds. They vary in terrain and elevation and can spawn particular props, builds, characters, creatures, and vehicles.

Biome types[edit | edit source]

Name Description Image
Moon Space-themed Biome added by Classic Space Pack DLC. DLC3 Screenshot Moon.jpg
Colossal Coral Underwater biome, has large coral structures. Ocean.jpg
Submerged Secrets Underwater biome, has sunken ships and submerged ruins.
Fearsome Frontier A biome similar to Utah-Arizona. 20170320124754 2.jpg
Dusty Dunes A dry biome with a North African theme. 20170312132752 2.jpg
Wicked Wasteland A volcanic biome with jagged black mountains and seas of damaging magma. Base Screenshot WickedWasteland.jpg
Playful Prairie Savanna-themed biome with lions, safari characters, giraffes, etc. Base Screenshot Savanna.jpg
Rowdy Rainforest Hilly/mountainous. Rich green grass, many plants, and large trees. Base Screenshot Rainforest.jpg
Merry Meadows Rolling hills, features farm crops, animals, and vehicles. 20170311142606 2.jpg
Whispering Woodland Flat open green plain. Mostly scrub bushes and few trees. Woodland.png
Fantasy Forest Basic fairy tale forest, cute woodland animals, tree stumps, and mushrooms. Forest.png
Watchful Wilderness Conifer forest. Pine forest.png
Junkyard Jungle Desolate landscape spotted with shipping containers and car stacks. 20170312132351 1.jpg
Polar Plains Large expanse of ice and snow. Igloos and polar bears are common here. 20170312125910 2.jpg
Lawless Lagoon Muddy terrain with many water features of green water. Swamp.png
Falling Forest Autumn-themed Forest. Ground has appearance of leaf cover. Base Screenshot FallingForest1.jpg
Frosty Forest Winter-themed Forest. Ground has appearance of snow cover. Winter Forest.png
Ornamental Orchard Spring/Japan-themed Forest. Ground has appearance of petal cover. Cherry Blossom Forest.png
Dessert Desert Whimsical land of candy canes, puff pasties, and ice cream hills. Candy land.jpg
Spooky Woods A strange, Halloween theme. Spooky Woods.jpg
Fungus Forest A biome with huge mushrooms and four-leaved clovers. Biomes Button.png
Crystal Crags Small blue crystals in the ground and bigger crystal spikes sticking out of the ground, and large mountains form as well. Crystal.jpg
Winter Wonderland A snow and Ice Biome with candy canes, presents, and decorated houses. Added in an update near Christmas.

Blends[edit | edit source]

Name Description Image

Unused[edit | edit source]

Name Description Image
Stone Hills
Super Flat

Discovery[edit | edit source]

A biome can be discovered by stepping into its terrain.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

All of the biome names are alliterative, except Spooky Woods.

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