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  • Characters (or NPC's /Non-Player Characters) are one type of Model appearing in the game which can be discovered, unlocked and then placed in the World by the player. Characters are usually encountered in the World as randomly spawned wanderers in each Biome, or as static Quest-givers in certain areas, or even as a part of some Brick Builds. Characters will interact with the world around them, including fighting with or greeting other characters or even riding Creatures and Vehicles on their own.
  • Players can spawn any Character you own in the game as an NPC by using the Characters submenu of the Discovery Menu. Characters spawned this way behave just like characters that were spawned randomly by the game but can be placed in any Biome.
  • Players may also take the form of any character they have purchased, or use the parts that make up those Characters in their own Custom Character designs. You can pick characters by clicking on the icon of the one you want in the Characters submenu of the Discovery Menu.


  • Other than the two characters that start unlocked, the Astronaut and Intergalactic Girl, unlocking Characters to be discovered requires either defeating them in combat or completing a quest (and sometimes both!)
  • Defeating a Character in combat will knock the character to the ground, stunned, allowing you to discover it, or allow you to interact with the stunned character to activate a required Quest to discover it.
  • Quest-type Characters have a required Item, Object, Creature or Brick Build that you must give them before they will be unlocked for discovery. Once found, a Character will pose a thought bubble above its head indicating a quest. You can then initiate a dialog with the Character to discover what the Character wants, which is then shown in the bubble over their head until the quest is completed. You must either have the Item in your inventory, or summon the Creature, Object or Brick Build to the area highlighted in green around the quest-giving character. Offering that Item to the Character will then unlock the Character for discovery and spawn some Studs, or other reward. Once a single quest is completed, the Player is then able to discover the Character using the Discovery Tool and unlock them for a specific cost in Studs, either using the Discovery Tool or the Discovery Menu. If you do not have the required item at the moment, the Character will remain in place until the quest is completed.


Character Behaviours

  • Characters may behave in different ways when encountered in the world. Some want to say hi, some want to fight. Pay attention to their attitudes to avoid unpleasant situations.

Friendly Characters

  • A regular NPC, which wanders around in the world. When approached, a friendly NPC may stop and wave or might even run up to your character, but does nothing aggressive unless attacked first.

Neutral Characters

  • Neutral characters will neither approach nor flee, but do nothing aggressive if you approach. They may stop and stare at your character but that's about it.

Aggressive Characters

  • Aggressive characters may approach the player's character and act aggressively by putting its hands up in a boxing manner. They will not attack the player unless attacked first, or if the player gets too close, but they may attack other Characters in the world. Taking the same form as an aggressive Character does not change that Character's attitude towards a player. For example, if the player is a Skeleton, other Skeletons will still put their hands up in an aggressive manner towards the player, while friendly characters will wave at your Skeleton. Aggressive characters can usually only be unlocked by defeating them in battle.

Hostile Characters

  • Note that once you have attacked or otherwise aggravated an aggressive creature, it becomes Hostile, following you for long distances and attacking when it's close enough. Furthermore, any aggressive creatures of the same type in the local area will also become hostile, which can result in hordes of angry mobs coming after the player for one ill-timed attack. The only way to return hostile characters to aggressive mode is to go far enough away by running, skydiving or finding some other method of escape.

Skittish Characters

  • Skittish characters will flee from the player to a certain distance before turning and watch the player carefully. Taking the same form as a skittish character will not change their attitude towards the player. They may defend themselves from aggressive Characters, but this doesn't mean they will necessarily defend themselves from the player. Some skittish characters will become hostile if the player gets too close.

Special Abilities

  • Some Characters have special abilities, which can be used by the player if the player has taken the form of that Character. A special attack may be done the same as a regular attack for some Characters. The High Jump ability is "charged" by holding down the jump button or spacebar, then released, causing the character to fly high into the air. Other special abilities, like summoning Creatures or transforming require clicking the Special Ability button on the left side of the screen or pressing the associated button E. (The Player can also gain the abilities of a character by using that Character's head in the Character Customizer menu.)


  • Some Characters are immune to most forms of damage, and the player must find the appropriate weapons to attack them with instead. In general, undead are only vulnerable to Black Weapons (including most explosives), certain rare monsters are only vulnerable to Gold Weapons, Silver Weapons or Wooden Weapons and Dragons are only vulnerable to Crystal Weapons. These types of creatures are sometimes still vulnerable to environmental hazards, such as lava, slime, and drowning in water.

Custom Characters

  • There is also the possibility to create custom characters via the Character Customizer. Custom characters do not gain any behaviors or special abilities from the parts they are made with. They will be neutral and stand around doing nothing if they are spawned in the world.


Available Characters

  1. Ann Lee.pngAnn Lee
  2. Anubis Guard.pngAnubis Guard
  3. Arctic Explorer.pngArctic Explorer
  4. Astronaut.pngAstronaut
  5. Bandit.pngBandit
  6. Boy.pngBoy
  7. Caveman.pngCaveman
  8. Cavewoman.pngCavewoman
  9. Constable.pngConstable
  10. Construction Worker (Beard).pngConstruction Worker (Beard)
  11. Construction Worker (Safety Goggles).pngConstruction Worker (Safety Goggles)
  12. Construction Worker (Sweating).pngConstruction Worker (Sweating)
  13. Construction Worker (Tough).pngConstruction Worker (Tough)
  14. Construction Worker.pngConstruction Worker
  15. Cowboy.pngCowboy
  16. Cowgirl.pngCowgirl
  17. Cyclops.pngCyclops
  18. Dan Brickman.pngDan Brickman
  19. Deep Sea Diver.pngDeep Sea Diver
  20. Dino Tracker.pngDino Tracker
  21. Dragon Wizard.pngDragon Wizard
  22. Egyptian Queen.pngEgyptian Queen
  23. Evil Knight.pngEvil Knight
  24. Explorer.pngExplorer
  25. Farmer (Beard).pngFarmer (Beard)
  26. Farmer.pngFarmer
  27. Fisherman.pngFisherman
  28. Forest Maiden.pngForest Maiden
  29. Forestman.pngForestman
  30. Frontier Man.pngFrontier Man
  31. Frontier Woman.pngFrontier Woman
  32. Ghost.pngGhost
  33. Gingerbread Man.pngGingerbread Man
  34. Girl.pngGirl
  35. Helen Stone.pngHelen Stone
  36. Heroic Knight.pngHeroic Knight
  37. Intergalactic Girl.pngIntergalactic Girl
  38. Jewel Thief.pngJewel Thief
  39. King.pngKing
  40. Lady Cyclops.pngLady Cyclops
  41. Lion Princess.pngLion Princess
  42. Mac McCloud.pngMac McCloud
  43. Major Quinton Steele.pngMajor Quinton Steele
  44. Minotaur.pngMinotaur
  45. Motorcycle Mechanic.pngMotorcycle Mechanic
  46. Mountain Climber.pngMountain Climber
  47. Mummy Warrior.pngMummy Warrior
  48. Mummy.pngMummy
  49. Paintball Player.pngPaintball Player
  50. Paleontologist.pngPaleontologist
  51. Pirate Captain.pngPirate Captain
  52. Pirate Lady.pngPirate Lady
  53. Pirate Princess.pngPirate Princess
  54. Police Officer (Serious).pngPolice Officer (Serious)
  55. Police Officer.pngPolice Officer
  56. Professor Christina Hydron.pngProfessor Christina Hydron
  57. Prospector.pngProspector
  58. Queen.pngQueen
  59. Research Institute Astronomer.pngResearch Institute Astronomer
  60. Research Institute Chemist.pngResearch Institute Chemist
  61. Research Institute Paleontologist.pngResearch Institute Paleontologist
  62. Robber (Stubble).pngRobber (Stubble)
  63. Robber.pngRobber
  64. Rocker Girl.pngRocker Girl
  65. Samurai.pngSamurai
  66. Scarecrow.pngScarecrow
  67. Scientist.pngScientist
  68. Scuba Diver.pngScuba Diver
  69. Sheriff.pngSheriff
  70. Skater Girl.pngSkater Girl
  71. Skeleton.pngSkeleton
  72. Spider Lady.pngSpider Lady
  73. Spooky Girl.pngSpooky Girl
  74. Square Foot.pngSquare Foot
  75. Surfer Girl.pngSurfer Girl
  76. Swamp Creature.pngSwamp Creature
  77. Swamp Crook (Stubble).pngSwamp Crook (Stubble)
  78. Swamp Crook.pngSwamp Crook
  79. Swamp Police Officer (Sunglasses).pngSwamp Police Officer (Sunglasses)
  80. Swamp Police Officer.pngSwamp Police Officer
  81. Town Man.pngTown Man
  82. Town Woman.pngTown Woman
  83. Troll King.pngTroll King
  84. Troll Queen.pngTroll Queen
  85. Troll Warrior.pngTroll Warrior
  86. Vampire.pngVampire
  87. Viking Woman.pngViking Woman
  88. Village Man.pngVillage Man
  89. Village Woman.pngVillage Woman
  90. Volcano Explorer (Beard).pngVolcano Explorer (Beard)
  91. Volcano Explorer.pngVolcano Explorer
  92. Wacky Witch.pngWacky Witch
  93. Warrior Woman.pngWarrior Woman
  94. Werewolf.pngWerewolf
  95. Yeti.pngYeti
  96. Zombie Businessman.pngZombie Businessman
  97. Zombie Cheerleader.pngZombie Cheerleader
  98. Zombie Pirate.pngZombie Pirate
  99. Zombie.pngZombie

Classic Space Pack

  1. Space Alien.pngSpace Alien
  2. Spaceman (Black Suit).pngSpaceman (Black Suit)
  3. Spaceman (Blue Suit).pngSpaceman (Blue Suit)
  4. Spaceman (Red Suit).pngSpaceman (Red Suit)
  5. Spaceman (White Suit).pngSpaceman (White Suit)
  6. Spaceman (Yellow Suit).pngSpaceman (Yellow Suit)

LEGO Ninjago

  1. Anacondrai.pngAnacondrai
  2. Cole.pngCole
  3. Jay.pngJay
  4. Kai.pngKai
  5. Lloyd.pngLloyd
  6. Nya.pngNya
  7. Master Chen.pngMaster Chen
  8. Master Wu.pngMaster Wu
  9. Nindroid.pngNindroid
  10. Zane.pngZane

LEGO Agents

  1. Agent Chase.pngAgent Chase
  2. Agent Trace.pngAgent Trace
  3. Dr. Inferno.pngDr. Inferno
  4. Dyna-Mite.pngDyna-Mite

Nexo Knights

  1. Aaron (Nexo Knights).pngAaron
  2. Axl (Nexo Knights).pngAxl
  3. Clay (Nexo Knights).pngClay
  4. Gargoyle (Nexo Knights).pngGargoyle
  5. Jestro (Nexo Knights).pngJestro
  6. Lance (Nexo Knights).pngLance
  7. Macy (Nexo Knights).pngMacy
  8. Ruina (Nexo Knights).pngRuina
  9. Stomper (Nexo Knights).pngStomper

City Emergency

  1. Crook.pngCrook
  2. Firefighter (Mask).pngFirefighter (Mask)
  3. Firefighter.pngFirefighter
  4. Police Officer (ATV).pngPolice Officer (ATV)
  5. Police Officer (Sunglasses).pngPolice Officer (Sunglasses)


  1. Night Trader.pngNight Trader
  2. Troublemaker (Blue).pngTroublemaker (Blue)
  3. Troublemaker (Green).pngTroublemaker (Green)
  4. Troublemaker (Orange).pngTroublemaker (Orange)