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DLC, or Downloadable Content, is a type of game feature that is purchased separately from a main game. Lego Worlds features 2 DLC (known to date). DLC can be purchased from the Lego Worlds Steam page for $3.99, or 3.99€ if you live in Europe.

LEGO® Worlds: Classic Space Pack[edit | edit source]

"Blast off with your iconic space astronaut alongside awesome vehicles, items and more directly from the collection of your favorite Classic Space playsets!"

The Lego Worlds Classic Space Pack DLC was released on July 15, 2017 at 12:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time). Once purchased, players can access the Moon Biome, along with various space-themed Characters, Vehicles, Props, and Items. When the player accesses the Worlds menu for the first time after purchase (Restart not required), the narrator will announce that the Classic Space world has been unlocked. When in a Classic Space world, the game's camera will have a vignette effect with chromatic aberration and will appear to have a slight fish-eye distortion (simulating a classic 1960's television screen).

LEGO® Worlds: Monster Pack[edit | edit source]

"Trick-or-treat yourself to fantastically frightful characters, vehicles, quests and more in the all-new Monsters Pack for LEGO Worlds!"

Monsters DLC is a DLC that was released along with the Title Update 3 on October 26, 2017. It includes one new biome, Monster Town, just like the previous DLC. It also features spooky new Characters, Vehicles, Props, and Items.

Survivor DLC[edit | edit source]

Survior DLC is an upcoming DLC which unlike the previous ones is not solely a content pack. Rather it includes a new Survival-style gamemode. At the moment not much is known, but according to the trailer you will be stranded on island at the beginning.

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