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In Lego Worlds there are 5 sizes of different worlds. The smallest ones, the tutorial worlds, are represented with a 1x1 stud on the World Map. The largest are the Huge Worlds, represented by a 6x6 block.

List of World sizes, and unlock requirements:

  • Tutorial Worlds, 1x1 on the map, unlocked by default
  • Small worlds, 2x2 on the map, unlocked by getting 10 Gold Bricks
  • Medium Worlds, 3x3 on the map, unlocked by getting 25 Gold Bricks
  • Large Worlds, 4x4 on the map, unlocked by getting 50 Gold Bricks
  • Huge Worlds, 6x6 on the map, unlocked by getting 80 Gold Bricks

Game Worlds: (in order)

  • Pirate Playground [Tutorial]
  • Prehistoric Peril [Tutorial World 2]
  • Candy Construction Capers [Tutorial World 3]

Random Worlds:

  • Merry Meadows
  • Wicked Wasteland
  • Fearsome Frontier
  • Junkyard Jungle
  • Polar Plains